Floral Antler II

13 May 2019

It was almost a year ago now that I wrote Floral Antler I. Time flies hey?! It really does. 

I promised more blog posts on this shoot, and it took me until now to actually write one. I am pretty sure I have posted other images from this shoot on social media though, so at least there is that.

I’ve just gotten new business cards, and I used images from this shoot for them. So it seems relevant to write another post now and post some more images. 

These are my new business cards (3 different fronts, all with the same back):

One of the three fronts of my new business card
One of the three fronts of my new business card
One of the three fronts of my new business card
Back side - I've tried to emphasize my point of difference

Do think you couldn’t design your own business cards? Think again! 

I thought I needed a graphic designer the re-design my business cards. I didn’t want major changes, I just wanted them to get a fresh look and my points of difference on the card (cruelty-free, sustainable and vegan-friendly available). I struggled with the idea of how I was going to make clear to a designer what I wanted, without them and me spending heaps of time going back and forth to figure it out. So I thought I’d just give it a shot to do it myself in using Canva. I really didn’t think it was going to work, but it was actually really easy! It did cost me a bit of time to get it perfect, but I think playing around with it myself was easier than trying to explain someone else what I wanted (especially because I really didn’t know what I wanted until I saw it coming together).

Anyhow, this blog post wasn’t going to be about my business cards, it was going to be about sharing more of this shoot. 

We had an amazing ceramicist on board, Zoë Slee, who was a friend of the florist Rachael from Stems from Her, who had organised and directed the shoot. I’m in love with her pieces and couldn’t have imagined this shoot without them. Look at these:

Gorgeous, aren’t they?! They look like they’ve come straight from nature, so beautiful.

I’ve picked a couple of my favourites from this shoot to publish in this blog post. These images below also show everyone’s beautiful work and the amazing surroundings of Redwood Forest well. 

This shoot was published in Period Magazine. If you’re curious to see the publised editorial, check my blog post Floral Antler I (this is a clickable link, I know it’s hard to see, but it has another colour).


Thanks to the amazing team:


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