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2 December 2017

Maybe this should have been the first blog post on my new website, as the first and main image of the website is from this shoot!

As a makeup artist I have done quite a few collaborations with other creatives. It’s a great way of getting a portfolio together, especially when you are just starting out. I did this shoot less than a month after I finished my makeup course. I have been very lucky to be asked by Marina Murasheva to join in this collaboration. She put a plan together, did all the styling and organised a great model, Margarita Hol. To get to Marina’s studio I had to travel halfway through the country, but I am happy I did it. Marina is amongst the best photographers I ever worked with and besides that we had a lot of fun together as well, which these ‘behind the scenes’ images show. They also show how professional Margarita is, as she can be acting crazy one moment and be modelling very seriously and very good the next.

crazy model
(very) serious model

It’s rare that you run into as amazing a team as I did this time and I am so happy and thankful I did. I think the results of this shoot are absolutely stunning, but you can judge for yourself!

this image made it to my homepage, that's how much I love it!

Photographer: Marina Murasheva

Model: Margarita Hol

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