Francesca & Jim

7 April 2019

Happy anniversary to Francesca & Jim!

Fran & Jim - look at those happy faces!

One year ago Francesca & Jim got married in an amazing warehouse space in Collingwood. This creative Inner-North couple has since moved to New York!! (woooaaa)

I never met Fran’s now-husband, Jim, in person, as we did hair & makeup at the AirBnb in Fitzroy, which her parents stayed at. I did meet her mum and two bridesmaids (sister Isabella ‘Izzy’ & friend Emily), whom I did hair & makeup for, and her dad. 

If you hoover over the images, you can find a caption. Click on them to enlarge to full screen!

Showing Fran how she looks on a pic on my phone
Getting dressed - earrings
Getting dressed
Getting dressed - the dress
Getting dressed - shoes on
Proud mumma

Francesca didn’t wear a lot of makeup normally and wanted to go for a natural look on her wedding day.

She has beautiful freckles, which she wanted to be visible (and I loved that – I love freckles!).

During her trial, Fran wasn’t sure whether she wanted a nude/pink lip or a red lip. We tried a pink lip, and she put some red on at home later that day to test it out.

She left the decision until the week before the wedding when she got to see the dress (her sister made the dress and Fran didn’t know what it was going to look like!) – and went for a pink lip.

She wanted a loose updo. Her hair hair was fairly short, like a long bob or in between a bob and shoulder length, but in her final style you wouldn’t say that her hair was that short.

Before & after of Francesca on her trial
Before & after of Francesca on her trial

We had limited time to do four people’s hair & makeup. I made a plan in advance and everyone had told me what they wanted. But they all changed their minds! (except for Francesca herself)

It did get hectic, but of course, everything was perfect in the end. I can guarantee you that 100% of the time, everything works out. I’ve worked at many weddings and this has always been the case.

Francesca’s mum Anna wanted a simple low ponytail style. I put a braid through and curled the ends to make it wedding glam. She doesn’t normally wear makeup and had the most amazing freckled skin, which Francesca clearly inherited from her, so we kept it very simple on the makeup with just some highlighter, eye makeup and lippie.

Very natural makeup for Anna, mother of the bride
Beautiful simple low ponytail with braid & curls for Anna, mother of the bride

There are many looks, many styles of makeup and hair, many types of products. There is no right or wrong in makeup & hair.     

I will listen to what my clients like and want, and use that information to make each of them look stunning in their own way.

I’ve heard too many times about artists that just do what théy think looks good. As artists we don’t know you personally so we need to ask questions, listen to the answers and interpret what that means for the hair & makeup style that suits you.

Fran & her sister Isabella almost ready to go! This is unfortunately the best picture I have of Isabella's makeup, she wanted golden glitter and eyeliner. Click to enlarge!
One last look in the mirror, this girls is just so breathtakingly beautiful - and so are the flowers by the way!
Behind the scenes - me, Fran & bridesmaid Emily
Bride Francesca & Bridesmaid Emily

Francesca & Jim both both have a thing for dinosaurs, so Fran dressed up in a massive dinosaur costume for the ‘first look’.

Fran helping her sister into the dinosaur costume
He loves it!
There she comes!
Jim getting his bride out of the costume
Love is in the air!

The cake had dinosaurs too!

The cake - made by Francesca's mum!

Just wanted to share a couple more pics that I think are nice 🙂

Beautiful raw warehouse venue & stunning floral background!
OMG have you ever seen a grazing table better than this?!
The flowers were so beautiful!
Isabella - Francesca's sister - & her boyfriend, enjoying the ceremony
Hugs with mom after the ceremony
Hugs with sister after the ceremony
Emotions - they are so beautiful!
Family pic

Amazing suppliers for this beautiful inner-city wedding:


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