Cindy & Andrew

1 April 2019

Happy anniversary to Cindy & Andrew!

Cindy & Andrew in front of their DIY macrame backdrop

Exactly one year ago, Cindy and Andrew got married at the beautiful Emu Bottom Homestead.

Emu Bottom Homestead

Cindy was a dream bride for many reasons. One of them was how speedy and clear she was with communication. Believe it or not, she booked me only 2 months before her wedding!

Originally from South Africa and having just returned after a couple of years in Dubai, they were ready to settle back in Melbourne and that started with their wedding.

Typical South African gift made by Cindy

I always find it so hard to choose which pictures to put in my portfolio, as I only want to include a limited amount of photos from each wedding on my website. Of course, now we have social media, which means I can share a whole lot more!

However, in this case I received a LOT of photos from the photographer (dream photographer!), there were hundreds (literally) and only when writing this blog post I went through and deleted some of them off my computer. I don’t think I need all the photos from every wedding (or do I…?). Still hundreds left to choose from. In this post I’ve added some I really like, and the rest… maybe next anniversary I can do another blog post?

TIP: hover over the photos with your mouse to see the caption!

Well done on the hovering!! All the pics have a caption, so if are you curious to read more about a photo, what you'd like to know might be in this text! This picture is some of the beautiful nature surrounding Emu Bottom.
Well done on the hovering!! All the pics have a caption, so if are you curious to read more about a photo, what you'd like to know might be in this text! This picture is some of the beautiful nature surrounding Emu Bottom.

How embarrassing is it (but probably recognisable for each freelancer) that I didn’t even get around to put ONE photo in my website portfolio?! To be fair, I did put some pics on my instagram stories and saved them to my bridal instagram highlights to be seen forever. Why I haven’t added some to my website at the same time, I have no idea… I probably got distracted.

Of course I picked some for my website while writing this post, and I have added them now, so now these beautiful girls help me to showcase my work on my website.

Louise, Cindy & Gaby - hair & makeup by me

This wedding had some awesome suppliers and I felt honoured to be in this list:

And that’s all I know! 

Beautiful homestead - peek through the door and you can see me @ work!
Unplugged ceremony
Love the decorations!
Beautiful table setting inside the homestead

Everything looked so stunning! I did hair & makeup for the bride, the two bridesmaids and the mother of the bride.

Bridesmaid Louise walking down the aisle
Bridesmaid Gaby walking down the aisle
Bride Cindy walking down the aisle with her dad
Yay! Just married! CONFETTI!!

It was the first time I worked with celebrant Zena, who I already met at an industry event and she’s so lovely and I found out that she cares about the same things as I (coming down to trying to be and do good) and donates 5% of her fee to SisterWorks, a Melbourne charity! I’ve been catching up with her since and really appreciate having met such a beautiful person.

The wonderful Zena @ work
The wonderful Zena @ work

I didn’t properly meet Little Buster Brown that day at the wedding, BUT, since then the lead singer Annabelle got married and I DID HER HAIR AND MAKEUP for the wedding! Isn’t this the biggest honour ever?

She saw how Cindy and her tribe looked, loved it and contacted me when she was planning her own wedding. This is so cool, as she would’ve seen many weddings, with many brides, with their hair & makeup done by many different and very talented hair & makeup artists. Yayy, I might have done a little dance about this (and this reminds me that I also haven’t posted anything about Annabelle’s wedding yet. I’m terrible.).

Little Buster Brown

I could write a lot more about this beautiful wedding & the amazing people at the wedding, but that may have to wait till their next anniversary. For now I say bye & a big kiss from me to everyone who reads my blog!

Bride & bridesmaid love ❤️

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