Floral Antler I

12 June 2018

Sometime last year Rachael from Stems from Her asked me for a collaboration she was working on. The shoot was going to be in Redwood Forest near Warburton, about 90 kilometres East of Melbourne. Photographer Natalie Tirant was just the right person to capture these magical surroundings…

Rachael is a creative florist with great personality and impressive organisational skills. I worked with Rachael before and love working with her. When she asked me to join, I didn’t hesitate. Rachael had arranged a great team; photographer Natalie, ceramicist Zoe and fashion designer Madeleine Sinco. She also had three models lined up. The goal was to create an amazing editorial that would get our work published.

We started with hair & makeup for two of the models in Melbourne, before heading over to Warburton. The third model would meet us at the forest. Apparently the location was so hard to find that we lost two of the models because they couldn’t find it! We didn’t have cell phone reception, but some of us have gone back to the main road to be able to communicate with the models. Lots of credits to our one remaining model, as it was a long day for her and she did amazing! Here she is:

the beautiful Abbie

What a stunner, right?! This shoot gave me too many amazing photos. I have almost 100 shots of this amazing girl Abbie and I think I like all of them. I have a hard time choosing which ones I would like to share in my portfolio, which is why it has taken me this long to add them. I am happy that blog posts give me the opportunity to also share beautiful location photos, cool behind the scenes shots and close-up shots of the amazing porcelain pieces.

The team managed to get this shoot published in #20 of Period Magazine, which is a great accomplishment. To not overload you with all the photos at once, in this post I’ll just share the tear sheets of the magazine publication.

PERIOD Magazine #20 page 1-2
PERIOD Magazine #20 page 3-4
PERIOD Magazine #20 page 5-6
PERIOD Magazine #20 page 7-8

If you love these as much as I do, keep your eye out for more blog posts featuring this shoot in which I will share more photos showcasing the stunning floral, fashion and ceramic pieces and behind the scenes shots of the day. I will also upload my selection of portraits to my portfolio today so check it out!

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