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8 November 2017

As a makeup artist & hairstylist I often collaborate with other creatives to create work for our portfolio. I have worked with many photographers, models, stylists, venues and even florists and cakemakers over the years. Earlier this year I got in contact with Georgia Quinn, an amazing Melbourne photographer. She arranged a small studio shoot to experiment together and a beautiful model, Tamara Rohe. This resulted in a couple of very different images, which I absolutely love. I started with a very glowy, dewy look. These images are actually my favourite.

After that we changed up the look and I made the makeup colour coordinate with Tamara’s awesome vintage turtleneck top. Tamara’s hair was beautiful and naturally curly, so I didn’t do much with it, I only added some product. I had seen from Tamara’s portfolio that most of her work had been with curly hair, so I wanted to do a couple of shots with a completely different hairstyle, e.g. straightening it. Unfortunately Tamara had to go off to another shoot after ours and they wanted her to come with naturally curly hair so I couldn’t do anything too extreme. Instead we decided on a loose updo.

Georgia shared this photo both in colour and black & white. In the colour image you can see the colours of the makeup that I did (obviously), but in the black & white image I love the extreme contrast of the makeup. They are both so different and breathe such a different atmosphere. I wanted to share both of them and how cool do they look right next to each other?!

Last, but definitely not least, we mixed thing up again with a soft smokey eye and bright fuchsia lip.

I always love taking behind the scenes pics, so here are a few pics of Georgia & Tamara @ work! The last one shows the side of the quirky updo I did very well 🙂

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